Monday, March 18, 2019

Women In Western Society Essay -- essays research papers

WOMEN IN WESTERN SOCIETYSince the beginning of reality wo hands realise been dominated by men. They were to obey and serve man. Their main usage in society was to bear children, care care of the household and to be loyal and faithful to their husbands. They were to remain subjects to males. Many viewed women as slaves to man and that should be placed in a household where they belong because women could not make out the tasks of men.During the renaissance family played a crucial role for women. Parents, often to arm business and to tighten family bonds arranged many an(prenominal) marriages. The male figure was the channel of the family. He had authority over everyone. He was in charge and managed of entirely legal and finical problems. The woman managed only the household. Due to the arranged marriages, women had no emotional feelings for their husbands, which led to temptations. Women were sometimes killed for having an affair, where as men were aloud to shit a mistress. Most women family life was their only destiny.Witchcraft affected the lives of many women during the 16th and seventeenth century. Lots of women were burned at the stake for being accused of being a witch. Most witchcraft trials women of the lower classes were virtually likely to be accused of witchcraft. But by the mid 17th century this witchcraft craze was starting to vanish.The Enlightenment principaled the role of women. For centuries men have dominated what the role of women should be. Many male writers believed that that women were lower intellectually value to men. But there were some philosophies, which immortaliseed some positive pabulum back for women. They argued that women were cap up to(p) of all that men are. It was the woman thinkers who added new perspectives to the women question by suggesting better improvements for woman. Those thinkers believed that woman should be better educated. They should be able to learn what men are learning. A English writer bloody s hame Wollstonecraft (1759-1797) was the fonder of modern European feminism. She began the women movement arguing the rights of women. She declared, that women should have equal rights with learning and in economic and political life.During the French Revolution woman began to show that they werent afraid anymore. After the Declaration of Rights of Man and citizen on August 26, 1789. Women started question themselves , do this rights include women. These law br... ...were women because men believed that womens natural role was to take care of children. There was still being paid lower salaries.In 1830, a number of women in United States and Europe worked together in several movements. They wanted more improvement for women. They wanted to secure divide and property laws. Some women were able to get access to higher education. startle they took over teaching them the medical field. This movement soon entered the political world. They believed women should have the right to vote. Only in a few countries and states the women won.Both Mussolini and Hitler believed that women should full point home and bear children. They both wanted women out of the work force. The women worked to demanding to get where they are. No dictator would drive them out. They both failed. After domain War 2 things started to change. Women made up lots of the work force. They occupy the same traditional jobs. But salaries still didnt change they were being paid less then men. Many women still faced inequality. They still had to tramp a family. They were many women protests after the war. After all the battles and protests women finally got what they merited a right to vote.

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