Friday, March 1, 2019

Mud City Book Report Essay

Mud City by Deborah Ellis has a soulfulness vs. self conflict. Throughout the book, the main character Shauzia is constantly battling with herself so she lav make her way from Pakistan to France. At the age of fourteen and living in current Pakistan, she has mevery things to deal with each day including other population who make her doubt herself. But, she is determined to finish her journey and sustain those pack wrong. Mrs. Weera helped Shauzia into the refugee camp. Although some people would kill to get into there and have any sort of food and shelter, Shauzia wants more.When she asks to get paid for all of her services that she has make in the camp, Mrs. Weera denies even the thought of it. You dont know what its like out there. Youve always been taken cargon of. You wont be able to manage on your own (Ellis 19). Shauzia was furious by this accusation and made up her mind immediately. She would leave this camp and prove herself to Mrs. Weera. But when Shauzia had been d elivered back to the camp after a very evoke journey alone in Peshawar, she realizes that they dont care if she proves herself or not.To Shauzia, it seemed as though Mrs.Weera did not care enough to even deliver her any attention. So Shauzia devised a plan to sneak into the locked flour field hut and prove herself once again by stealing flour for her grammatical constituent of camp. But as she was runnelning from the shack a man grab put on the flour out of her arms and proceeded to hit her. He raised his arm and slammed his fist into Shauzias head. She dropped to the ground. Her head hit the dirt with a thud, and she watched the man run off with her flour (Ellis 133). She woke up in a hospital bed with a broken leg and cast sometime later. All she could hypothecate about was how she had failed to keep the flour from the man.Children always seem to think they are smarter than adults. Even if someone says not to do something, they try to prove how chill they are by doing it an yways. Shauzia continues to do this throughout the book. Eventually she finds that the only person she is proving things to is herself. She decides to continue her journey with someone who she always thought needed to be proved wrong Mrs. Weera. In the end, Shauzia realizes that other people havent always been her problem. Her problem is herself. Finally at the beginning of yet some other journey, she finds that this constant battle with herself has come to a close.

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