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Gloria Naylors Mama Day Essay -- Gloria Naylor Mama Day Essays

Gloria Naylors milliampere solar dayIt is insufferable to supply Gloria Naylors 1988 novel, Mama Day, in one(a) way. There be multiple standpoints that a reader can take in explaining variant events that occur by means ofout the book, as well as assorted ship canal that the characters in the book interpret these events. The author never fully clarifies many an(prenominal) questions that the story generates so as to leave the readers with the opportunity to answer them establish on their own personal experiences and beliefs. The multiplicity of perspectives in Gloria Naylors Mama Day is embodied in the legend of Sapphira Wade and the dynamics in the midst of logic and the supernatural and between George and Cocoa. Sapphira Wade is a character that Naylor uses as a tool to immediately present the theme of multiple perspectives. Sapphira, who was brought to the island of willow tree Springs as a slave in 1819, is at the top of the Day family tree. Through time her lega cy had transformed to the point that her true indistinguishability became more of a matter of opinion than a matter of fact. even off the simple matter of the appearance of her skin becomes so distorted through the time span of a few generations that each member of the willow Springs community describes her complexion differently. In regards to her supernatural attributes, members of the community portray Sapphira as cosmos able to walk through a lightning storm without being touched and use the heat of lightning to start the kindling going low her medicine pot depending upon which of them takes a mind to her (Naylor 3). It is up to the reader to make up ones mind which viewpoints to accept about Sapphira. These varying views on Sapphiras identity cater the reader with immediate evidence of the theme of multiple tr... ...its not as if they were dressing to petition the pope (Naylor 230). Of course Cocoas perception of the situation was quite different I had to be ideal that evening she says (Naylor 233). Both George and Cocoa feel as if the discrepancy was the geological fault of the other. Their attitudes regarding the situation that night are completely different. Mama Day is alter with situations in which the theme of multiplicity of perception arises. Various types of readers can interpret these situations in ways they feel are appropriate, just as different characters tend to have different perceptions of things based on their own determine and ways of thinking. The important thing is that the reader does not forget that in that location is, in fact, more than one way to view these situations, and ignoring any one of them can take away from the worth of the book.

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