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Epic Heroic poetry Essay

Epic/ Heroic poetry send word be easily defined finished comparing and contrasting the exploits and relationships of the characters Achilles and Partrioclus from the Iliad and that of Gilgamesh and Enkindu. Their relationships more everywhere help to define intrepid/ expansiveal poetry by their kindredities and remnants. The characters besides help in clarifying this commentary in both(prenominal) the conception and nature of their heroism. twain Gilgamesh and Achilles as well as reiterate the translation of exalted/ grand poetry by their differences and similarities in their own styles of heroism. By tracing these elements of the twain heroes and their relationships with their close friends, not only is the definition of epic/ courageous poetry clear, but the fundamental differences between epic poetry and lyrical poetry become evident.The exploits of both pairs of characters from the two stories help define epic/ heroic poetry, because the exploits of both charact ers fall in line with the definition of epic/ heroic poetry. Epic poetry is known as the one of the earliest forms of literary productions and was first told orally and then latter written muckle. These stories were ab turn up heroes that fate godlike qualities, personal power, patriotism and loyalty. We point out that both pairs possess these qualities, in some of the same modal values and in some ways that be dissimilar. At the beginning of the pairs adventures we discern a difference the reason of what they are bit for. Gilgamesh had just gained a friend that was similar to him and he wanted to go out and make a attain for himself by conquering the unconquerable. Achilles however, was biding to bring home the beautiful woman of their land. with the exploits we see more differences, Achilles is driven by war and felicitate for his country and through this he obtains splendor. Whereas Gilgamesh goes out in search of greatness for example, in Gilgameshs and Enkidus firs t adventure they cut go through the cedar forest just to defy Humbaba and prove they can do it. A comparison is seen along Gilgameshs invite for recognition and Achilles quest of for control of what was rightfully his, both end up losing a friend. Both men take the fault on themselves for the loss of their friends. Achilles believes that it is his fault because when Patroclus dies he is wearing Achilles armor. Gilgamesh thinks that the death of Enkidu is also his fault because he turned down the Goddess that in turn killed Enkidu. Even though they have their differences and similarities, both relationships testify qualities of epic/heroic poetry.The definition of heroic/epic poetry is also evident in the area of loyalty, this is shown in the relationship similarities and differences that Gilgamesh has with Enkidu and Achilles has with Patroclus. We see that the relationships that both heroes have are the same, in that they stay true to their friends even aft(prenominal) death. In this part is where we also see a difference in their loyalty. Gilgameshs approach to dealing with the grief of Enkidus death is to find immortality and try to bring Enkidu back to carriage. Achilles approach to dealing with Patroclus death was to jeopardize his life and reenter the war for requital. The relationships are similar in that women play a part in both of the pairs lives and the deaths of their companions.Enkidu is brought into Gilgameshs life because he gives himself to a harlot who tames him and is then ironically taken out of Gilgameshs life because Gilgamesh wint give himself to a woman. Achilles is fighting for a woman and in turn Patroclus is killed because he is thought to be Achilles because of the armor he is wearing. A difference in the relationships of the pairs is seen in what they entail to each other. Enkidu is brought to Gilgamesh to be his downfall, but through Gilgameshs strength Enkidu is won over and they become friends for what they can do for e ach other egotistically. Whereas Patroclus has been a longtime friend of Achilles and their friendship and loyalty was built over time.The definition of epic poetry is shown through the nature of the four characters heroism because through this they display godlike qualities and personal power. They all show heroism through their godlike qualities because of their direct association with Gods of their time. A similarity in the heroism exists because of the mortality of the companions of Gilgamesh and Achilles. A similarity is that both Enkidu and Patroclus had God-like and heroic characteristics, thought to exist because of their friendships. Another similarity is found in the way this is proven untrue. It seems as though the Gilgamesh and Achilles carry on and act as though they are immortal because of their greatness in battle and part-Goodness. Through the death of their friends they realize that these are not qualities that they possess and this leads them down different roads, which in turn brings them death. For Gilgamesh this brings the fame that he searched for, but cost him his life. For Achilles, true vengeance came with the price of his own life. Either way these characters ends fulfill the qualities of heroic/epic poetry.Achilles heroism is different than Gilgameshs because his purpose is different. Achilles has a reason to fight he cares not what people think of him, but fights for what he believes, and has an the States to back his cause and therefore is looked upon as a hero by his people. Gilgamesh goes out alone in search of his fame and glory hoping to create a legacy. Gilgamesh stakes a claim as a hero by creating the situations that make a hero. It seems as though if these two stories took place in the same era, that Gilgamesh would be after Achilles head for fame of having the upper hand over another god-like being.Gilgamesh and the Iliad with both their plot and character similarities and differences help to create the definition of epic /heroic poetry. Both these stories show characters with god-like qualities, personal power, patriotism and loyalty. all(prenominal) storys characters and plots express these ideas differently in the way that the stories are carried out, but they do posses the qualities that make up such a story. essentially after breaking down epic poetry it is easy to see how it differs from lyrical poetry. Lyrical poetry is much more universal in time and subject matter. It describes love, and feelings that are unchanging through time. To comparison the two, the ideas of epic poetry are outdated, for example we dont look up to George Washington as a God-like person even though he was a great warrior. With lyrical poetry however, we can read it anytime and compare the issues to issues in our own lives.

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