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Advertising Ethics :: Article Reviews Essays

Advertising EthicsDittrich, Liz Ph.D. more or less-face Facts on the Media. About Face. 1996-2004.This bind talks about how advertizing promotes the cultures current for body conformation and site and the importance of beauty. It talks about womens magazines and how they include so many adds for weight loss and how many girls accept Barbie dolls. The piece overly talks about how completely of these adds essence deal and to what extent they effect people. The author of this piece is the director of Research and Outreach for About- Face and has a doctorate in Clinical Psychology. Based on those facts alone I flavor that this piece is very credible and contains truthful information. Limitations of this piece include all having one side and non mending specifically to ethics in advertising. I will be adequate to(p) to utilize this piece mostly because it contains a draw poker of statistics and good information to assist me in the angle I am going to take on how ethi cs in advertising affect women. This piece is very different from all of my sources because it does not pertain quite so directly to the topic I am makeup on. (190)Heller, Lleland Dr. Advertising, Children, and Ethics. Professional Articles. 1990http// article talks about psychologists helping advertising companies to help the make out effective advertisements that target children. The article asks if this is ethical. Psychologists also help these companies create educational toy advertisements, anti-drug advertisements, dont drink and drive advertisements, etc. So the article asks if you can really separate out all of the situations and make a statement that includes all of them. The main issue the article talks about is that people feel as though psychologists own that information and can use it as they please but that that is not the case at all. The article says that ultimately parents should be trained and able to say no because after a ll it is there responsibility. This piece is compose by a doctor who seems to be well-know and who has treated a lot of patients. Dr. Leland Heller is the author of 2 books, specializes in treating the borderline personality unhealthiness and has treated over 3000 people with this disorder. The intended audience of this piece is people who are accusing psychologist of using there knowledge unethically by giving it to advertisement companies and others who may be interested in the topic.

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