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Self-Assessment Marybeth Adkins

I allow eternally thought of myself to be bulgegoing. I have passable regard for the evaluate of others as sanitaryhead up as how I value myself. I as well believe that I am assertive in a manner wherein I am able to handle the stance loftyly and to produce the best possible outcome given the fortune present.I uphold my rights as well as the rights of others. It does not necessarily esteem I consider to win all the cadence, but it has always been grave to be to do my best.I had perceived my communication stylus to be telling in terms of being an active listener. I have limitations and holdations that I always want to clearly state. I am able to impart myself with an acceptable degree of h iodinesty and pointness, especially when it comes to my feelings and desires.The characteristics I always k new- do I had were confidence and self-awargonness. I am also proactive and initiating as well as decisive. I knew that I had a sense of humor and that I was open and fle xible as well as versatile.In terms of expression, I operated from choice. I also find nourish in knowing what was necessitate and developing a plan to achieve it. This showed that my behavior was action-oriented as well as firm. Just exchangeable the way I want to wreak plans, I am also realistic, precisely and fair, along with being lucid in the things I do.I had been evaluated to be an extraverted, intuitive, feeling and judging token (ENFJ) that showed I was a moderately show extravert, a slight expressed intuitive reputation, a distinctly expressed feeling personality as well as a moderately expressed judging personality. I was evaluated to be a feeling personality, more(prenominal) than the rest.This is Expected of meIn this area, my response was evaluated check to how I thought sight expected me to behave. It represented the guarded or masked behavior that I had. I was an S which meant I was a steady specialist. This meant that I had a passive and people-orien ted temperament.The Ss like me were considered to be stable and shy types. We are the virtuosos who disliked changes. We quite a little pass away doing the same job consistently. This was also seen with my ENFJ profile that showed handled consistency well. I am also a people- gratifyr. I value secured surroundings in telling to my stable behavior. I was also evaluates to be forgiving, while others were said to cope advantage of it. Since I seem to like to gratify other people all the time, this made it difficult for me to say no to friends. I always look forward to opportunities to help others.While this derriere be perceived as weakness, in another perspective from the Book of Psalms, it said, But the meek go away inherit the land and enjoy great peace (Psalm 3711 NIV).This is MeThe assessment for my This is me evaluation was C/I/S. This area referred to how I responded harmonize to how I felt and thought during times wherein I was under pressure. It was my unguarded behavio r. C/I/S meant competent, influencing specialists.Similar to the this is expected of me evaluation, I was evaluated to have a liking for doing things right, in impressing others and in stabilizing situations. I was not seen to be aggressive no pushy. I was also sh induce to enjoy crowds, regardless of size. I was also evaluated to be good with people with high regard for quality. I also seen the high regard y personality type had for what others thinks of myself and my take to the woods.I was also observed to lack some determination and dominance. While I can perform tasks well, I was said to need quicker decision-making skills. My capability to drop dead and do great things with people was mentioned in relation to the situation that I needed to become more self-motivated and assertive. Sincere and enthusiastic panegyrics as well as logical explanations were things that were said to stimulate me.Discovered Communication Style and PersonalitySpiritual Gifts. I discovered the eld ritch give ways I had in relation to my communication style and personality. They were considered as supernatural motivations that were given to every believer. As everyone did not have exactly the same communication style and personality, spiritual returns also differed. They commonly reflect in the personality, behavior and communication style of the individualistic.The top spiritual gift I had was mercy. This was the gift the enables a person to demonstrate veridical concern and sensitive to suffering. There are a certain something in me that compel me to reduce the pain in other people. There is more concern for me for the person hurting that for the reasons of their suffering.Another gift that was seen in me was the gift of armed service, ministry or the helps. This gift was seen to help others and be motivated by serving behind the scenes. much(prenominal) gift enables me to do things that no one else likes to do. It also enables me to be flexible and to adapt to chall enges.Administration did not go far behind and it was connect as it is the gift that gives the strong sense of duty as well. This gift was seen to concentrate on team participation. People with this gift see the larger picture and keeps everyone on track. They were also seen to delegate tasks and to be very organized.Leadership Style. I was considered to be an I attractor. This referred to leadership who were inspiring and enthusiastic. Since I s as well asd for influence, the kind of leader that I was evaluated to be was one who recognise to lead and influence others. Such leaders were seen to be great presenters. They were also seen to have the inclining to sing too much.They were seen to need to listen more and not be too sensitive to rejection. However, I leaders were also positively considered to be impressive and positive leaders. While the kind of leader I was classified loved to be in crowds, there was also a need for me to be interested in individuals.Follower Style. The I followers have a tendency to follow their hearts. They were seen to be impulsive as followers. They also want and need opportunities wherein they would be noticed and would look good. Even as followers, they were seen to carry a certain degree of influence.They need constant approvals. It was attributed to their high egos. They also incur good first impressions. The influences they inherently possess often turn them into leaders who rise up to the top. Such followers can have a difficult time simply being in follower references as they have a tendency to lead.Conflict Resolution by FujishinAccording to Fujishin, one moldiness evaluate his or her own interpersonal styles. This effort would enable the individual to understand ones self (Fujishin 1997). This leads to self- acceptances that have a material impact in how one accepts others. This constituents holds a critical role in the success of crowd colligate communication and work.He upheld how important it was to know ones self and be familiar with it before entering in any communication that involves other people, especially in a group. Since time was already taken in the examination of ones own self and weaknesses, there is little need for the individual to look towards the approval of other people in the group in order to place well (Fujishin 1997).Self-assessment was also important when it came to conflict management. When one already knew ones self, there is more time attributed to examining and discussing the problem. It also equips the individuals to listen actively to the other people within the group in conflict. Irrelevant discussions would be parryed.Fujishins principles on conflict management tenderd for effective tools and strategies that could guide and direct group discussion in a very effective manner. The he had promoted self-awareness could also be delectationd in professional and personal personal business under conflict. He quoted Emerson regarding this saying, What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within usControlling Communication and Behavioral BlendIt was pointed out that I needed to increase my confidence in terms of how what others expect of me ( 2007). I have to speak out more often and avoid being abused because of my tendency to please people all the time. I also needed to be more outgoing and assertive. I had to travail the fact that security was possible ( 2007).I found the importance of being cagy when it came to being judgmental ( 2007). As I believed that others have rights the same as I had, they also had the right to be judged for who they were and not for first impressions or other superficial criteria.I also had to avoid being bitter and harboring resentment. It whitethorn have come from my tendency to be oversensitive. I had to learn to just be thankful for everything and see things in a positive and structural light.I also learned about t he utilization of my communication skills and behavioral blends in relation to developing my Spiritual Gifts. The sign of true development was the due date and involvement I had in the Body of Christ ( 2007).They were to be seen as combinations that helped to understand how the unique blends that I had discovered through the evaluations were related to the role I had to play in doing divinity fudges Work. The Word of deity exhorts this truth, So it is with you. Since you are eager to have spiritual gifts, try to exceed in gifts that build up the church (1 Corinthians 1412, NIV).God never cods mistakes and creates the gift in each individual in order to work for His celebrity ( 2007). I also realized how such natural and supernatural qualities could get out of hand when I dont use them for Gods glory. It would be best if God was the one to control them and for everyone to bar their own personalities, styles, and gifting to Gods will.My highest spi ritual gifts were those of mercy, serving, and administration. I tend to invariably volunteer for the works of the Church, even if they have no hint of enchant in them.Overusing such gifts make me seek for approval or please people more than pleasing God. Since my highest personality profile plotting was I this makes me more of a leader than a follower. Abuse of this personality type would make me overpower people in leadership and make me less of a team player.It was an evident match that I had mercy as my serving as one of the top spiritual gifts because my personality was one who aimed to please people and to do jobs consistently.This was intended for service because of the fact that I can be good with people and influence them well. While I dictum that I was expected to be more passive, I realized that my behavior and Spiritual Gifts had given me the capacity to be active and people-oriented. Despite the fact that I did not want to be in the spotlight, I salve cherished to serve people. I realized how I also wanted to receive approval for the things that I do. I needed to be more secured with the job I was doing.Leadership needed qualities like humility, development, commitment, focus, compassion, integrity, peacemaking, and selection (Hastings & Potter 2004). establish on the results of the evaluation, I had these qualities more in some than the others. Commitment, focus, compassion and endurance were those that would stand out with my behavior and personality.Compassion, my highest value as seen with my Spiritual gifting and behavioral type, should be reflected in communication. Its not merely about delivering the depicted object but in doing so in the best possible and effective manner that forges relationships that were based on trust (Hastings & Potter 2004).Genuine concern and love has always reflected savior Christ. It is something that can be foundational in the way I would hone my gifts and control my behavior. The Scripture said, Praise b e to the God and bring of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort (2 Corinthians 13, NIV).This assessment provided significant insights into my behavior and communication styles. Most of them, I already knew I had possessed. However, this activity enabled me to see them in a new light. It gave me a look as to how I had been misusing my gifts as well as how I was not able to control my behavior because of certain personality types I had.I agree with the results of this evaluation as they described me as accurately as can be. I also saw how my behavior had been related to closely to the Spiritual Gifts that I was bestowed with. It was enlightening because it showed how specific God had made me in line with how He wanted to use me in the work He cut out for me For we are Gods workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do (Ephesians 210, NIV).Evaluation of Activity EffectivenessOverall, this assignme nt had been more than helpful in developing self-awareness in a person. As Fujishin stressed, self-awareness played an important factor when it came to group dynamics as it enables the person to focus on the group instead on ones self because there is already security that came from this value.The activity enabled me to realize my strengths and uniqueness in order to use them for the benefit of my development as well as for the contributions I could provide for Gods work. This activity also establishes a stronger sense of purpose.ReferencesCombining 7 Spiritual Gifts with 4 (DISC) personality types. (2007), R. (1997). Discovering the leader within. USA Acada Book.Hastings, W. & Potter, R.(2004). Trust me ontogenesis a leadership style people will follow. Canada Waterbrook.International Bible fellowship (1984). The Holy Bible New International Version. USA Zondervan,

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