Sunday, March 17, 2019

Comparing Hurston’s Books, Seraph on the Suwannee and Their Eyes Were Watching God :: Compararison

Comparing Hurstons Books, Seraph on the Suwannee and Their Eyes Were Watching theologyI found both books, Seraph on the Suwannee and Their Eyes Were Watching divinity fudge to be actually well written, yet I found it very ironic and al near funny to compare the two. Although it may not fox been intentional, Hurston uses, what can be called, race reversals to describe Janie and Arvay. Janie is a not-so-typical foul womanhood who is confident and while she is somewhat submissive to her husbands, she has more integrity than her etiolate counterpart, Arvay.The text says when describing her unique beauty, that the men notice her firm buttocks resembling she had grape fruits/ in her hip pockets the great rope of black hairs-breadth swinging to her/ waist and unraveling in the wind like a plume. Arvay, on the other hand, is teasing to the fancy of many men, but she is described as, belovedly if you liked delicate-made girls/ (and) could easily be overlooked. The irony of this com parison lies in the detail that unlike life-time during the time period that the story is written, Janie is seen as an word picture of inner-beauty and strength Arvay is cute, but she isnt as virile. In some of the other lit in this course and others, black women are written as strong characters, but many of them dont live the life that Janie lived. She appeared to have more choices than most and she acted upon her feelings rather than suffering in many cases. She falls in love with her last two husbands without feeling as if she were creation raped or forced to do unnecessary things. Unlike her mother, grandmother and other black women, particularly slaves, she is given the chance to be feminine and complete her duties as a wife without subtle forms of torture. I feel that Hurston is using her liking to get back at white women in a reek because she shapes Arvays character as the one who is slightly oppressed. When the story begins, Arvay is upset with her child because she takes the man that Arvay wants to marry. Because she feels that a piece of the life that she wanted to have (the life of a preachers wife) is taken away from her, she tries to go into seclusion and ends up marrying a man that she persuaded to love. Her first time having sex with Jim is written as a near rape A tearing sound of starched fabric, and the garment was being dragged ruthlessly down her legs.

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