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Three Presidential Administrations Essay Example for Free

Three Presidential Administrations EssayI have chosen three presidential administrations that to my opinion had the greatest impact on the development of the the Statesn nation. These are the administrations of Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson and Franklin D. Roosevelt. I am termination to demonstrate that these administrations shaped Americas political, scotch and financial model as well as laid the foundations of its modern contradictory policy. I am going to consider the three administrations separately, and compare and course them in the conclusion of this paper. Theodore Roosevelt (1901-1909)Roosevelts presidency marked the beginning of the XX century for America with a completely new-fashioned style of administration. As a steward of the people Roosevelt introduced a new persuasion of a president as a mouthpiece of the public good. At that he aimed to turn the governing into an organizing power and arbiter of the national economic forces, including two large slap -ups and workers. Striving to provide fair contention in the national economy Roosevelt became known as a trust buster when he crisply pursued the enforcement of the Sherman piece. On the other hand he declared the need for social reforms and social union that were necessary in order for capitalism to survive in America thencely laying chthonianstanding for modern American socioeconomic model.It appears that Roosevelt has not distinguished social and environmental issues that are viewed separately in our times. Although being a passionate hunter, he fostered study character-oriented measures including significant increase of the national forests area and major irrigation projects. A link between social and environmental matters can be found in plain Food and Drug Act that has been passed during Roosevelts presidency. Roosevelt was extremely concerned with public health believing that nature protection is a part of social policy.In the international arena Roosevelt made Ameri ca both and active player and an arbiter for international disputes. He placed Panama into the range of American interests and change magnitude the US influence in Central America by allowing construction of the Panama Canal under US control. As a mediator in the international disputes he intervened into the bout between Venezuela and European nations with a proposition to settle the conflict in the International Court of Arbitration, and, most remarkably, mediated during the mollification talks between Japan and Russia in 1905 that contributed greatly to Americas world(a) prestige. It can thus be observed that Theodore Roosevelts presidency marked the beginnings for establishment of both US home policies in the social, economic and environmental fields and foreign policy as a global player and a global arbiter.Woodrow Wilson (1913-1921)Just like Roosevelt, Wilson believed that a president should first and foremost act as a representative of the people. And, just as Roosevelt, Wi lson continued the course for establishment of partnership between large capital and the society. In order to normalize national finances he persuaded two major measures. Firstly he won the Congress support for Underwood Act that decreased overall tariff and eliminated tariff for such items as steel and wool, as well as established the Federal income tax as a unified basis for national taxation. Secondly he succeeded in passing the Federal Reserve Act providing the nation with the necessary supply of funds.Financial reforms were followed by social ones. In 1916 a new law prohibited child labor and limited the length of the working day to eight hours for some categories of workers. all the same some of Wilsons measures in the social sphere are at least controversial. This includes his support to formal segregation in the universities and state offices that has been finally eliminated only half a century later.Not little controversial was Wilsons foreign policy. Having won his se cond elections as a man who protected America from war he steady caused the Congress to declare Americas entry to the European conflict making WWI really global. Arms contract resulted in economic boost, while Wilsons position during the subsequent quietude talks was a major factor that produced interwar global order, including foundation of the League of Nations. Perhaps Wilson candidly strived to make WWI a war that would put an repeal to all wars and it is not the fault of his administration that the Versailles trunk collapsed in twenty years.Franklin D. Roosevelt (1933-1945)F.D. Roosevelt is literally a person to whom America owes its present influence and prosperity. He became a leader of a nation that experienced dramatic economic and social crisis and has been withdrawing to isolationism from the rest of the world. By the end of his presidency America was the mightiest economy of the leader of the western nations. In the sphere of home policy Roosevelt demo how state in terference can contribute to economic revival, while in foreign policy he managed to win wars before first shots were made.Roosevelts New Deal provided relief to the tens of millions of the unemployed by canalizing this potentially dangerous energy to the national projects like highways construction and working in the rural areas. Such new bodies as Federal Emergency Relief Administration, Civilian Conservation Corps, Public Works Administration and verdant Adjustment Administration were designed as state bodies that were to organize the unemployed to perform public work thusly providing them with jobs and salary. Roosevelts financial policy was more contradictory, including confiscation of privately owned gold and securing of economic growth by major loans that dramatically increased the national debts. Although the economy has been partially recovered, America was still too weak to play a decisive role in the global policy at the eve of the valet de chambre War II.Roosevelts ad ministration was extremely successfull in combining economy and foreign policy. The land-lease program advocated by Roosevelt both provided outstanding economic growth and allowed America to shape the course of the global war by economic and financial means. Whether Japan would attack Pearl-Harbor or not, America was already take part in the war as non-belligerent ally of Great Britain and USSR. Roosevelt championed in raking up the fire with the hands of the others, and in 1945 America was the only among Allied nations that has not suffered military devastation and whose economy allowed it to set the tone during peace conferences. Although Roosevelt died before the war was over, it was his effort that made America the only real winner in the World War II.Concluding the paper it can be observed that each of the three mentioned presidential administrations had to process with similar problems and proposed similar solutions. In the home policy this included major economic and financ ial reforms that were to correspond the social development of America, while in the foreign policy this was a race for global leadership eventually won by the USA. Although Theodore Roosevelt demonstrated commitment to free economy and his homonym used state hindrance to the economy, and although the views of Americas place in the world differed from Wilson to F.D. Roosevelt, their basic course was the same. It included establishment of socially oriented competitive economy and promotion of America to the position of the global leader and arbiter.

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