Thursday, April 25, 2019

High Note Report - Assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

High Note history - Assignment - Essay ExamplePrimarily, the expansion of operations by many unfluctuatings has completely changed the manner in which the world operates. The barriers that hindered the abilities of people to interact and communicate across borders have diminished gradually. Therefore, the decision by HNG to attain wider markets is a step forward towards realizing potential and exploring supplementary opportunities that the company could not have enjoyed with the previous go posed by inadequate communication platforms (Koch, 2011).This paper, therefore, sets to dissect the changes in the business summonses that HNG will have to afford in order to blend its strategy fully with the market conditions and organizational expectations. Besides, it will explore how the intermission in the business processes will benefit from the implementation of open source packages such as the customer Relationship Management (CRM) and the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems .Consequently, the transformation in the channels and patterns of distribution importantly contribute to the changes in the business processes. These adjustments concern both the strategies of the firm and the infrastructure of distribution. Previously, HNG was a supply firm that capitalized on enhancing distribution services while facing the challenges of lowering the costs of distribution as per the requirements of the customers. However, with the fusion of Live Art Networks, the company aims at capturing larger markets and shifting the supply of equipment to the sale of equipment. The above inappropriate objectives could be realized by the opportunities availed by the technical development.According to the first requirement of Kotters 8-Step Change Model, the spring emphasizes the need to include urgency in the organization. Globalization obligates companies to embrace technology as part of the process of doing business internationally. Open sourcing is a community driven

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