Saturday, April 27, 2019

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Quotes - Essay ExampleHowever, there is still a life which goes on behind bars and a continuation of life which should be supported. season a prisoner is for sure placed under boundaries of law, s/he does not stop beingness a human being and it must be noted that s/he has the same right to be treated humanely and with as much importance as those who are not with him/her in prison. The treatments and the rights are controlled by those who are supposed to manage prisons and things such as college degree earning program for prisoners sess improve conditions for many prisoners. rather of simply waiting for their time in prison to pass, they can be educated and taught to enhance their abilities and as a captive audience, they would be receptive to the education which is given to them. Simply put, with the program, the prison system can put disclose educated college graduates while without the program the prison system is only putting out ex-convicts.All on-key stories become unbeli evable as soon as we are told that they are true story or the events which are told to us are based on a true story. While we accept them as the truth, the element of disbelief and wonder is not taken away and we kick in to book reminding ourselves that the story itself is true. We can certainly find examples of such stories in the media and even in anecdotes that we tell distributively other. For example, a baby that survives a burning building, a child who is able to beat grandmasters at chess, a person fighting against unbelievable odds, social stigma as well as other barriers that have been placed in his/her part and becoming successful in their endeavors. Most recently, we saw true events cover in front of us as jetliners were used by terrorist as weapons against America.However, I feel that the closely unbelievable true stories are the ones which take place everyday around us but are simply not reported. For example, a young high school student that does not take

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