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LP7- Leading & Motivating people Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

LP7- Leading & Motivating people - duty assignment ExampleShe is mostly concerned about the needs and feelings of members of her team i.e. Country club management style. She insufficiencys each(prenominal) her team members to be happy and secure, which she assumes will translate to them turn overing harder. This kind of leadership styles leads to a relaxed educate environment but which comes at a cost to the level of production. She has strengths that can be credited to her manage having good interpersonal relationships with her subordinates due to the fact that she cares about their needs, interests and personal development. On the other hand, her flexibility and employee digest leads to 70 % of the budget going to their educational activity and salaries hindering cost cutting measures.Evelyn had a core inception of her influence she used the reward system to bestow her influence upon her employees. She awarded higher salaries to her employees and had them engage in trainin g often to improve their skills and marketability. She also treated people fairly and showed consideration and respect. These kinds of interaction with her workers make them want to help the manager even more and go the extra mile to help her achieve her target goals.Erik has authoritarian or compliance leadership style. His main concern is the end goals achieved, in this case meliorate energy and increased production .He has strict procedures and policies in the work place. This has its advantages as it focuses on organizational efficiency and increased production in the work place. The down side of this approach is that it lacks the internal analysis of the work culture of the employees, their needs and personal development when deciding how best to accomplish tasks.Erik uses the influence and powers that come with his senior office to push through his agenda in the office. He tries to get things done his way by using the higher authority given and uses people at higher levels to back him up. This management tactic improves

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