Saturday, April 20, 2019

American Society and Politics Nowadays Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

American Society and g everyplacenment Nowadays - Essay ExampleThose supporting stricter policies assert that illegal immigrants perpetuate poverty because they undermine benefits and requital stipulated for unskilled labor. When the laws are lenient, liberals and business owners in construction, food processing and hotel industries conspire to ignore the process of enforcing in-migration law. In politics, an influx of immigrants is a crucial boost to the forces that facilitated their entry into the country. As an example, in the 2012 elections, there were over 12 million Latinos that cast votes (Kerwin, Chishti & Bergeron 69). According to statistics, that figure represents 10 percent of the body of voters in the US and is capable of changing the political landscape. Census forecasts indicate that the Latino electorate alonSe is estimated to reach 29 million voters in 2016, which sets in motion the scramble for both the Democratic and Republican parties to court them and other sm aller immigrant groups (Kerwin, Chishti & Bergeron 74). However, when the immigration is not controlled, some unintended consequences may include higher crime rates, drug trafficking and the threat of terrorism. Therefore, this assuage leaves the debate for either stricter or lenient immigration policies.

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