Friday, April 26, 2019

Criminology research proposal- To what extent is employee theft Proposal

Criminology - To what extent is employee stealing effecting busness - Research Proposal ExampleThis new aspect has threatened to alternate business progress of many companies, with competitor firms easily finding ways to fix the subject firms employ much(prenominal) secrets.Based on various statistics, as brought out by Walsh (2000), approximately 75% of employees puzzle at one time or another been involved in employee theft, with a vast absolute majority of the group having perpetrated the act multiple times. This, he notes, stems from mistreatment of an employee by the firm, a prospect that creates an urge of retaliation among the employees. In addition, the problem of employee theft has been proposed to result from underpayment of the workers. In some cases though, the employees are encouraged into adopting the vice due to deficiency of stringent regulatory and punitive measures. Indeed, the theft cases may hold long-standing effects on the economy and to the employees at p ersonal levels. As such, it is often instrumental for appropriate response procedures to be adopted to withstand such cases. For instance, many firms have often been encouraged into adopting stringent regulations which, nevertheless, impact negatively on business performance. Therefore, it is famed that the measures adopted so far have been less effective considering the increase in incidences of theft and consequence collapses and insolvencies among many traditional firms.This debate is based on various objectives around which the aspect of employee theft revolves. Firstly, the study seeks to determine the internal and external business factors that precipitate employee theft. The study also seeks to determine the probable impacts of the theft cases to social and economic setups within and without the firm, and the implications of such business factors to the economy of the UK. In addition, the study seeks to ascertain what globalization and technological advancement in business administration means to employee theft. Further, the

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