Thursday, May 9, 2019

Why College Athletes Should Be Paid To Play Sports Research Paper

Why College Athletes Should Be give To Play Sports - Research Paper ExampleThe NCAA is the body charged with the responsibility of governing every aspect of college sports in the United States. Established in 1906, NCAA has evolved over the years in its activities which are to the best have-to doe with of student-athletes, member universities, and the general public. However, critics do not buy this as the body has been, lately, under the skeptics attack concerning the link on paying college athletes. They ask the question to whose interest is NCAA working. Most writers on collegiate sports confirm that college athletes gain sizable revenue to their institutions. But what do they get in return? Woods, 65, reports that an athlete on well(p) scholarship drives a four-year education that may be worth an upward of $50,000 per year on the higher(prenominal) side. This covers books, room, and tuition. It is true that Football and mens basketball college athletes generate huge income s to the tune of billions to the schools and NCAA, yet they receive stipends in the form of scholarships.Unlike other students, college athletes are prohibited from engaging in part-time jobs that can grasp them money as most of their time is spent preparing for the sport.This implies that student-athletes are disadvantaged in the financial theater for the time they can use to earn extra cash is utilized in the pitch. It is therefore prim that the athletes be paid beyond what they are paid in the form of scholarships, at least to add for their miscellaneous expenses and an appreciation of their valuable talents.

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