Monday, May 20, 2019

Bus 610 Week 1

Michael Rush BUS 610 10/27/12 Complete bring together Exercise 1, Chapter 1 (p 13), 1. a. Interval b. Ratio c. nominal phrase d. Nominal e. Ordinal f. Ratio 2. a. Ratio b. Nominal c. Nominal d. Ratio 3. orangecountyregister. com Nominal- The sales of the Microsoft Surface allow for the touchstone of Nominal info. When looking at the launch pad market all of the sales are essentially a tally for the version or brand. The word looks at the sales which can be easily compared to other tablets in that market.Ordinal- The concept of ordinal measurement is directly represented in the idea of high school football. In the article it talks about the number one ranked Mission Viejo team. This is directly categorized as an ordinal unit of data. With having a clear ranking in terms of success, the first place team has a measureable gain over teams that would be in the lower rankings. Interval- Interval data can be found throughout the readings when it comes to weather. go is a great exam ple of interval data.The temperature has a difference between values at a constant size and an easy ranking the temperatures for clear measurement. Additionally a zero does not cook significance as in an absence of heat. Ratio- In the paper the Symantec Company was brought up. The article revolved well-nigh the earnings in the second quarter. This measurement is one of a ratio due to the fact that a zero value is meaningful. A company has the ability to be at zero and be factual. The data can be compared to different years or other companies. 4. a. Sample b.Population c. Population d. Sample Chapter 1 Practice Test for Part II, Problem 2 (p 20), 2. Freshmen Sophomores Juniors Seniors 14 18 10 6 pic Chapter 2 Practice test for Part II, Problem 1 (p 54) 1. a. 30 b. 105 c. 52 d. 0. 190476 or 19% e. $165 f. Minimum= $120 and Maximum =$330 g. pic h. pic

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