Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Read 4 chapter of book and answer 4 question Essay

Read 4 chapter of book and answer 4 question - Essay ExampleThere exist cardinal schools of thought on the effectiveness of breeding technology in chat, with one school arguing that info technology has enhanced organizational communication while the second group arguing in opposition to that stand. In this section, an argumentative analysis of the two sides of arguments will be provided to ascertain the benefits and demerits of information technology in communication. The growth and advancement in information technology has provided a better medium for communication to most organizations as it allows access to a extensive information which can be effectively passed on to end receivers. Organizations today use the internet and emails as the effective means of communication with other employees as it allows the transfer of mass information at a click. Emails have today replaced the tradition postal services, printed internal, memos, fax communication and the use of messengers. How ever, the opponents of increased use of information technology in communications in organizations argue that the information that can be transferred with this medium is highly unlimited making it possible to send a lot within a short m. This, tally to their arguments, results into situations where the employees use a lot of their working hours reading the information sent in their mails. This has the potential of importantly reducing the productivity of the organization as office and working hours are spent reading mails and practical(prenominal) internal memos (George and Jones, 2012). The proponents of the continued use of information technology to enhance organizational communication points to increased competency with which communication process in organizations have been enhanced. Before the growth and advancement in information technology, organizations would be forced to make large volume printouts of their training manuals, documentation, brochures, legal requirements an d any other document that should be used by the employees. This increased the hail of operation for such organizations, as communication was manual and time consuming. The advance of information technology as a means of communication has enabled organizations to post important documents in their websites from where the employees can access from their polar workstations. The audited financial reports of the company are also made available for the different stakeholders to access from the comfort of their offices and homes by simply accessing the companys website. This advancement has thus led to abolition of annual posting of dividend reports to organizational shareholders as they can be emailed the documents at a much cheaper cost (George and Jones, 2012). With advances in communication, organizations have been enabled to create login portals for their employees and suppliers. This has enabled the management of these organizations and their employees to interact on a more personal ized only when virtual level that enhances productivity within the organization. Different employees are therefore assigned different roles near which are then posted to their portals and communication effected through a similar system. This application is communal in banks and companies that have installed intranet services within their systems. The intranets also allow organizations to store

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