Wednesday, May 8, 2019

N1 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

N1 - Assignment ExampleCommunication is one of the primary stairs that can dissolve the silo culture of distribute. The independence and autonomy practice by patients, care teams, organizations, and the healthcare purlieu should be replaced with interdependence between them (Yong & Olsen, 2010). All the highlighted stakeholders should collaborate in the provision of care to ensure that the goals of care are effectively met. Although the autonomy of each of the above should be maintained, the independence aspect should be replaced with cooperation and collaboration. In other words, all the above stakeholders should work together, instead of operating as single and independent units.A delivery model that seeks to dissolve the silo culture should also encompass redesigning the relations aspect of the model in a way that defines proper relationships between all the stakeholders involved. On the same note, the objectives and goals of health care should be formulated and implemented at a n organizational level, as opposed to department-based pursuits of achieving these goals and objectives (Yong & Olsen, 2010). With that, each of the aforementioned stakeholders would partially offer towards the final outcome. That is to say, the primary goals would be the summation of the achievement of the stakeholders and their

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