Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Growth Process of the Eastern and Western Religions Term Paper

Growth Process of the Eastern and Western Religions - terminus Paper ExampleThese groups would then migrate to other lands, thereby influencing the people living there. As put down in history, many a times the religions also became the apple of discord between two or more different groups and the winner would eventually enforce the religion on the people living in the conquered territory. There is however one subtle difference between the growth processes of the Eastern and western religion, that is, find of liberty and freedom on religious movements on the western religions.The Western religions are more influenced by different religious movements, which could take place because of a more liberal outlook as compared to the east. Movements same(p) Great Awakening and Protestant Reformation created new sects of the same religion and helped gather more followers. also different political event like the Age of Enlightenment, American novelty and French Revolution played a greater r ole in the west because such events had far-reaching consequences regarding the moral and belief clay of the existing

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