Saturday, May 11, 2019

SIM 6 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

SIM 6 - Essay ExampleThe password Deuteronomy 61-9 warns the Israelites against worshipping any other god but Yahweh.The big idea in this passage is that the Israelites atomic number 18 a chosen people ingest their generations. It is apparent from the passage that they must live according to paragons will. The LORD divinity promises to allow them live in the Promised Land for a long quantify if they not only listen to His commandments, but also obey them at the same time. In short, theology is revealing that His promises are conditional. Moses says, Listen to them, people of Israel, and obey them Then all will go tumesce with you, and you will become a mighty nation, and live in that fertile land, just as the LORD, the God of our ancestors has promised (Deuteronomy 63).This passage fits the theme of the book in the sense that it continues to give laws guiding mans relationship with God. After being chosen, taken into captivity in Egypt and finally emancipated, the LORD God mak es the terms of His covenant with Abraham1 specific to the Israelites. The laws given demonstrate that they have been called to righteousness2 and that they have to be righteous in the for the first time place. They must also have faith in God alone, trust in him and keep his commandments down the generations so that His promises may be fulfilled in their lives.The historical and cultural postground of the passage traces back to the call of Abraham when he was in Ur. Upon demonstrating faith in God, he had been promised that he would be made a great nation3. When Abrahams descendants were now numerous and serving in Egypt as slaves, God deliver Moses as the vessel through which he would later free the Israelites from bondage. Moses rises as a great illusionist who liberated the Israelites from Egypt in plan with Gods plan. Through him, God gives His people the Law to campaign their relationships as they await the Messiah

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