Monday, May 13, 2019

Discussion Questons Week 3 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Discussion Questons Week 3 - Essay ExampleIt is important though not to ignore the monetary aspect but to await in the business in the first place for the ones the business is being done, it is essential to situate the resources onto them and accordingly move on forward expanding the market sh are and the like. An nongovernmental organization that I am familiar with makes rightful(prenominal) use of these ethical values and it ensures that these steps are followed to the core. However I would really like this NGO to guarantee that these ethical undertakings are not violated no matter how hard the circumstances are or how tough the events turn out to be within the future.2. What is motivation? How do leaders and steering affect motivation? What role does the individual employee play in organizational motivation? Which of the motivational theories fix to why you work so hard?Motivation is an aspect that comes from within an individual as he tries his best to come to terms with the situation at hand and takes steps which are in suck with his confidence levels. The role is to be ahead of where he is currently and to do something which is missing at the present. at that place are various leadership styles that exist in management. They include authoritarian or autocratic, participative or democratic, delegative or free reign leadership. Leadership is also described as directing people to do particular duties by influencing their personal behavior through incentives and motivation, teamwork, individual dynamics and discipline. The core purpose of leadership is to telephone circuit all the employees behavior towards attaining the companys objectives. Leadership is thus essential in creating and maintaining a strong organizational culture within any business organization. Leading does not necessarily come from that in power but from any individual who provides information and suggestions on the way forward. The role of individual employee in organizational mot ivation is to be sincere with his tasks and to

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