Monday, May 6, 2019

Modern Art Exhibition Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Modern Art Exhibition - Essay ExampleThe artistic creation form chosen is Pencils by Tom Friedman and it is a symbolic representation of the transformation of simple materials one use in mundane life into an art form with immense creativity. Tom Friedman is well known for his outstanding creativity and he had chosen a material which is pencil to create a sculpture that promotes uniqueness and substance. This mechanic with the befriend of this art form is communicating to the world that nothing is too ordinary to be an art. The art is created with end patience and eye for detail.The art form chosen is Moor by Janine Antoni . Janine as a modern-day artist is famous for her utilization of ever day objects for reflecting her spontaneous creativity. The Moor is a rope spun unneurotic by Antoni with the help of materials collected from her family and friends. This art form is all about the connections which exist between the artist and people in her life at different stages of life. Every part of this art attain is deluge with emotions and affection for her loved ones.The art form chosen is the Milk Bottle Art by Carolean Saul. This artist is an English designer who is passionate about recycled trash like plastic milk bottles. This art form is impeccable with bulbous vessel created out of an everyday object which is plastic milk bottle. This work represents the usability of every day object and their after -life. This work is fragile and delicate and the shades of orange, brown and low-spirited adds to its creativity.

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