Tuesday, October 1, 2019

The wise judge

Anna and Her Toys Once there was a little girl named Anna who is very active in her class. She participates in all the contests and she always wins. She always perfects her quizzes and she always recites in their discussions. She is the top of their class. Her parents are very proud of her achievements and as a reward they give everything that she wants. She demanded for toys and for new gadgets. They gave her everything she asked for.So she played all day long and forgotten all her assignments. She didn't want to study because she is so distracted with her toys and gadgets. She didn't even want to go to school anymore. She Just wanted to stay at home and play. Because of that, her grades became low and she's not the top of her class anymore. Her parents even scolded her but she didn't care because she loves her toys and gadgets so much. One night, the little girl dreamt about her toys.They became bigger than she is and they were holding her parents taking them away from her, she tri ed to chase them and save them but she was way too small to keep up. Anna woke up crying and went running to the room of her parents. She hugged them and promised them that she will study very well again and be the top of her class. She then kept her toys In a box and only played with them when she finishes her home works and at weekends.

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