Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Answer questions from articles Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Answer questions from articles - Essay Example Schor explains that these statistics underpin the need for the revival of the discourse that will call all individuals and households to reconsider their material requirements. In order for this right to be enforced, she suggests that governments should guarantee their citizens of employment, supply their basic needs, and consider using government income vouchers or transfers (Schor 7). A second element that Schor believes can help overcome the problems in American consumerism is an emphasis on quality of life rather than quantity of stuff. Schor states that it was in the 1970s that the indicators of the quality of the life of Americans stopped reflecting their incomes and the country’s Gross Domestic Product. She states that there is evidence suggesting that earning an income above the poverty line does not necessarily improve an individual’s well-being. She asserts that the lack of emphasis on well-being among the people above the poverty line is an indication of people’s concern with relative rather than absolute income. She states that an alternative explanation to the unlikely relationship between income and well-being could be the fact that increased output undermines factors yielding welfare (Schor 7). She observes that this is seen in the increase in work time, the decline in family leisure and time for one’s community. She offers that these two things exemplify the inverse relationship between growth and social capital. Growth and increased materialism affects a person’s appreciation of personal meaning, social commitment, community, religion, and family, all of which are alternative sets of values. She advises that the labor market should be restructured to allow workers more time to themselves and that companies that require their workers to work for excessive hours should be penalized. Schor believes that this will serve as an alternative indicator of GNP,

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