Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Career in Victimology Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Career in Victimology - Assignment Example Therefore, victimologists are professionals who study crime victims as well as the psychological impacts of being a victim to crime. They study both the offenders and the offended individuals in the context of a criminal activity. Students aspiring to be victimologists study various types of victimization and the differences between indirect and direct victims in crime in the society. Moreover, just like in most professional fields, they also work under certain ethics associated with the human and civil rights of crime victims as well as the impacts of these rights on the professionals of criminal justice (Doerner, 2015). This course is designed in a manner that prepares criminal justice as well as law enforcement students to relate with crime victims and to comprehend the complexity of particular victim issues. Keeping in mind that criminal activities are on the rise studying victimology is very important since it helps in identifying factors that may increase the possibility of an individual to get involved in a crime. However, some critics of victimology argue that some of the findings in victimology might not be accurate, moreover, others argue that it is a non-academic program where a hodgepodge of interests, ideas and research methods have been illogically grouped and it should emerged with criminology. What these critics do not understand is that with the aid of the new technology, it has matured from a moderately new development in criminology to an advanced social science that studies victims of crime (Doerner,

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