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HULSE CHRISTMAS WAR LETTER ANALYSIS Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

HULSE CHRISTMAS WAR LETTER ANALYSIS - Assignment Example In his first letter we are getting cognizance with Hulse`s point of view about the War of 1914, which was declared Germany in August,1914. According to the historical works this decision is often described as the beginning of the World War One. Germany got an ultimatum form Britain`s Prime Minister of that period - Herbert Asquith on the 3rd of August1. So, Asquith `s simple decision had cataclysmically influenced the British society. Hulse names in his letter flanking directions of the army for Gernany, be sea and by Belgium. He expresses his admiration for Churchill as â€Å"his action and the war-like spirit is compatible with his popularity and personal advancement†2. Before the letter dated the 12th of August 1914 their unit was resting and this made the narrator angry, he wanted to start greater action, and on that day he describes the following way â€Å"we start tonight, about midnight, but do not know destination or anything yet†3. Hulse tried not to write in his letter the most strategically important things. Like every person he used to describe also ordinary things like cold autumn. The letter of 27 November is not full of happiness. The soldiers get sick and the Germans are winning on the Western Front, but the most quantity of legends about World War One is about the first Christmas of the 1914, mentioned in the letters. The general situation looked as the British were fighting in the mud of Flanders and got an impression that the Germans want to destroy everything on their way. This impression was clearly broken. â€Å"It was absolutely astounding, and if I had seen it on a cinematograph film I should have sworn that it was faked†4, in such manner lieutenant of the 2nd Scots Guards Sir Edward Hulse described this event. On Christmas Eve the Western Front were not involved into great battles compared to the previous days of this month. The trenches heard the sound of the Christmas carols. German

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