Friday, October 18, 2019

Legal Aspect of Nursing Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Legal Aspect of Nursing - Case Study Example The physician should have looked for an alternative source of the anesthetist or take the patient to another hospital. Failure to provide the appropriate care and referrals to the patient. The physician did not give the patient good care when he was in the hospital. The physician should have spent the night checking on the patient to see any progress or complication that may arise. Failure to communicate. The physician did not communicate to his seniors or other medical agencies to seek for assistance. There are many medical centers that would have carried out the surgery if they were notified. The hospital could also have requested aid of an ambulance to transfer the patient to another center. The emergency center physician who represents the hospital is liable for the liabilities raised. The physician did not do a conclusive assessment on the patient to determine the urgency of the surgery. This would have enabled the physician to look for an alternative hospital where the surgery would have been done immediately. The physician did not have the anesthetist in the center. This is a sign of lack of commitment in his duties. The physician must ensure that there are all necessary medicine and chemicals at all times. The orders must be mad in advance before the stock ends. If the physician had done a prudent assessment on the patient, he would have communicated it to Jose’s parent so that she can take the necessary step to ensure that the patient receives treatment in another hospital. Having done the x-ray on the patient, the physician should have done minor treatment instead of giving sedatives only. The court would rule against the hospital and physician. The care standard that was given to the patient is below standard. If the hospital had attended to the patient on time, there would not be any complications on the patient. In the case of Hall v. Arthur, the United States court of appeal upheld a trial court decision, which held the

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