Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Positive Impact of Banning Smoking in Public Places Essay - 1

Positive Impact of Banning Smoking in Public Places - Essay Example Basically, smokers have the right to continue smoking despite the adverse health consequences of smoking whereas non-smokers have the right for a clean air each time they go to public places like restaurants, malls, and offices. Given that the local government banned smoking in public places, a lot of businesses strictly prohibit the smoking of cigarettes within their working environment and offices. In line with the banning of smoking in public places, three major reasons will be presented in order to convince the readers why I strongly support the government’s legislation on making smoking illegal in public areas. My auntie who lives in another town died at a very young age due to second-hand smoking. She is one of the closest relatives I have considered since we shared a common interest in photography. I have never seen my auntie smoke. Since she has always been with friends who smoke at least two packs of cigarettes a day, her life became in danger. Because of the close re lationship I had with my auntie, I spent almost every single day with her while she was confined at the hospital. Personally, I have seen how she suffered physically from a lung cancer. Due to her bad faith, the researcher strongly supports the banning of smoking in public places. Similar incidence recently happened to my best friend’s father. My best friend’s father is currently undergoing chemotherapy due to second-hand smoking he gets each day from his workplace. Aside from the financial burden the chemotherapy brings to my best friend’s family, there is still a risk that they would lose the head of their family. Similar to all stories related to what happens to patients with smoking habits, my sister who is a nurse told me a lot of smokers are unable to quit smoking despite knowing the health consequences of smoking. She said that patients with lung cancer often experience difficulty in breathing. The fact that there is no way to replace the lungs increases the risk of patients with chronic lung cancer to die.

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