Friday, August 23, 2019

University of California Personal Statement Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

University of California - Personal Statement Example niversity’s mission of building both the characters and careers of the students through focusing on academic achievement, excellence of the institution and service for the community encourage me to join and obtain my studies from the University of California. I am applying for a transfer to the program of Global Studies major with particular interests in Public relations and international relations. I have developed interest in the program because of my experience of different countries through travel and study during my early studies. In the year 2007 for instance, I travelled to Australia on an academic trip which took a full month and I had firsthand experience with cultural diversity. The experience was so strong and exciting that it in part encouraged my desire to travel and study in the United States. In the year 2010 I came to America as an international exchange student from China. I had to overcome the challenges of language barrier and cultural shock, an experience that very enlighten to me as a student & person. Previously I have studied at the Suzhou foreign language school, Nathan Hale-Ray High School in Connecticut and the Justin Siena Catholic High school in Napa Valley Elac. My experience in America as an international student has tremendously influenced my person and future career choices especially due to the cultural exchanges. I had the unique opportunity of studying with other students from different parts of the world such as German, Poland Hong Kong and others which allowed a lot of meaningful exchanged and propelled my desire to further my studies in Global Studies. I applied and was accepted by a number of universities but chose to pursue my studies at ELAC College with the sole intention of transferring to the UC whose system I believe is the best. Having such a diverse background in terms of academics I have come to learn that people’s orientation and background play a significant role in influencing their communication and

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