Saturday, August 24, 2019

Latin America And The World Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Latin America And The World - Term Paper Example Brazil Latin Americans give a lot of importance to their families and relationships. Traditionally the families use to have male head and astringent patriarchal structure where men use to have all the â€Å"say† and last word in the decisions. However, after the independence when many male family heads were either killed or imprisoned, females took the charge of the families. Montilla, a Brazilian author said that: "The traditional idea where the wife stays home and the husband works are not common anymore, the two of them are working. It's not negative in most cases. Many enjoy the space. When they come together they reconnect in a powerful way.† Mexico In the movie; Camila, directed by Maria Luisa Bemberg, the character of Camila narrated the situation of 1984 in Latin America. It was the time when Catholic beliefs in the hands of male authorities were suppressing the existence of females. It was a step taken to break the concrete ceilings that use to exist in the minds of Latin Americans. Camila became the voice of women of that time to rescue their rights and privileges. It was a bold question posted on priests and fathers of the churches that whether Christianity is against women? Is it against female freedom? Does it not allow a female to take her own decisions and most importantly what if males take wrong decisions, are they bound to be obeyed and can a woman raise no voice against it? The magnificent piece of magical realism where supernatural is so carefully blended with ordinary, Like Water for Chocolate, is written by Laura Esquivel.

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