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The Middle Ages Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

The Middle Ages - Essay Example According to (Bates,2009) â€Å"In thinking about the characteristics of a good society different people tend to emphasize different things that they consider to be important e.g. egalitarianism, personal freedom, moral values and spirituality†. Different political philosophers have different opinion about a good society. Political philosophers gives their idea based on their judgment and thinking and hence their ideas and concepts varies. However all political philosophers advocate an ideal society as one which is peaceful, prosperous and moral .Freedom of the people is also of great concern when it comes to an ideal society .The two political philosophers to be considered here are Martin Luther and Niccolo Machiavelli and their ideas and perception on a good society. Martin Luther is a professor, theologian and church reformer who believed ardently in God’s judgment and Human righteousness. Niccolo Machiavelli is a historian and diplomat from Italy and had a positive view on politics and human welfare. Martin Luther on Good Society Martin Luther was a person who had strong faith in God and was a monk whose teaching had profound impact on the society of his times. He was an advocate of love, peace, truth and Christian doctrines. He emphasized on virtue and suggested that good work must follow faith. He believed that a person should be good before he does any good act and a good person can only form a good society. His moral perception was that classical ethics of Christianity should be the basic fundamentals for an ideal society. Luther is of opinion that truth must be the foundation of a good society and not religion. As per (Voude, 2010pg.27)â€Å"Luther suggests that without truth, society founds no basis for government , no purpose in education and no standard for the passing along of the information†. Luther believed that Godlessness can lead to the destruction of a society. He demanded that faith and reason is essential element for t he well being of a person and a society. Luther explained that every member of a society should educate themselves through reading and writing to promote a society. Ignorance should not be an excuse or an option for anyone. He advocated that religion has a prominent role in the betterment of a society. Martin Luther believed in giving power to the people and allowing mass education for the upliftment of the society. He wanted the members of a society to be critical thinkers and active participants. According to him an ideal society should not be slave to the oppression by the wealthy and rich class. Niccolo Machiavelli on a Good Society Niccolo Machiavelli is a great philosopher and a political thinker Italy has ever seen. Machiavelli had a positive outlook on humanity but had a bad reputation as leader as Hitler and Mussolini followed him to acquire and power and position in the society. Machiavelli highly regarded for position and power in a society and believed not much on moral and ethics. He is supportive of war and explained many strategies to win a war. This shows that he is not a person who idealizes peace and harmony .He is a person who gives importance to passions and dominative power. Machiavelli was more concentrated on gaining power and authority by the means of war. He believed that evil actions can bring good results. He believed that the common men are of weak nature and require a strong ruler in order to remain in

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