Sunday, August 11, 2019

DFS Presentation Assignment Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

DFS Presentation Assignment - Case Study Example Increased competition, operative costs, overhead, and the need for augmented efficiency in operations make the need for DFS to adopt lean supply chain. DFS can make its supply chain agiler and lean through: †¢ Collaboration with suppliers and customers of DFS to get instant demand and supply information for efficient response to demand changes is one way of making DFS supply chain agile and lean †¢ Reducing all the processes and operations at DFS that have no added value to the consumer (Sople, 2011, 115) †¢ Reducing lead time for raw materials and components is the other manner of implementing lean supply chain (Sople, 2011, 115) †¢ Documenting all the supply chain processes and standardizing them will also allow DFS manage a lean and agile supply chain †¢ Collection of up to date information allows management to make supply decisions that efficiently and effectively meet demand †¢ Providing workers with information on high-quality requirement at the business will ensure more client satisfaction and meet the needs of an agile and lean supply chain for high-quality products †¢ Information can also guide DFS in setting up new distribution centers in areas near customer locations to allow for more responsiveness to changing consumer needs within a short period of time †¢ Use of the internet to easily receive and collect demand information and dispatch supplies to the consumers

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