Tuesday, August 13, 2019

HIPPA Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

HIPPA - Essay Example Reading current newsletters and journals would be pivotal since it provides update information on the new trends. The research would also encompass investigating how various related companies or organizations employ the HIPAA rules and regulations (Luxton, Kayl & Mishkind, 2012). While at this, I will be keen on the strengths and weaknesses of these organizations to ensure that the new practice redress any errors. Besides, personnel in the organization must also be interviewed to know their perceptions or attitudes towards the new policy (Luxton, Kayl & Mishkind, 2012). I would also study how the organization has attempted to comply with the HIPAA. All these will provide a good head start. I will be able to strategize a plan for the application of the HIPAA. Also, in order to ensure compliance, I would advise the physician about the security standards of HIPAA. They demand that they have the obligation of securing the patient electronic medical information (Luxton, Kayl & Mishkind, 2012). It should be done by using a series of procedures and mechanisms that aim at restoring the confidentiality, availability and integrity of the information. That is to say, that the physician is accountable of the medical information about the patient. In a case of any irregularity, the physician will be held responsible (Luxton, Kayl & Mishkind, 2012). The new medical practice location should be in a place enough security that will provide ample protection for both the electronic media and other documents. The information here is the one that is collected, maintained, used and transmitted by the physician (Luxton, Kayl & Mishkind, 2012). The general practitioner must know that the more discrete the new practice is regarding the medical information of pa tients, the more trustworthy it will become. HIPAA controls the manner in which a physician can use and disclose the health

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