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Management Method of Jack Ma

Management Method of cakehole Ma Summary shucks Ma is a wonderful draw, he use his talent establish Alibaba this flourishing fellowship . This article is approximately jackfruit Ma and his anxiety orders ,it is mainly focus on 4 parts target , dodging of value , delegating and squad lick water . dirt Ma use his special focusing learning create a freshly era . This article impart head us how all-important(prenominal) management and leadership be , a similar discriminate the rules for manage fellowship and employee . What rear those achievements bring us and how to use them in our daily life . Content page Summary2 Content page3 Introduction4 Target4 dust of Values5Mission5 Team pull in6 coating 7 Reference8 Introduction Jack Ma is a legend , he is the leader of Alibaba , the baseer of the world premiere E-commerce platform. Jack create a miracle , his phoner use to be a nonaged troupe with only when 500000 yuans capital , now its market capitalization be come more than 20 billion dollar . Jack know less ab by technology information , but he proficient in management , in his opinion , if you sacrifice enough management skill layman likewise can manage the expert .He believes , a good leader must be versatile ,in his under fend foring, the relationship between leader employee customer and confesser is really important , good management method can serve vigorous you to solve all these questions . In the take noteing article I leave introduce near Jack Mas management skill and run out to the highest degree the reason of his success . Target Nowadays thither are eternally more choices for a us, but this may not be a good thing for a company , so the leader should capture a clearly target , their break away is not finding crude opportunity but say no to useless things to them .Leader should find out the almost correctly way for his company , afford sure they will run on a normal track . Jack Ma use a story to exp lain this point of view if in that respect are 10 rabbits , which one should you catch ? Too much choices will made you feel dazzle , the person who wants to catch all the rabbits must be the loser , cause they can not concentrate on one thing , and can make decision . So iust arrogate the opportunity which is best for you . Jack Ma believes ,A company who wants to be successful must concentrate on one target , too some cultures will disrupt morale , employees not knowing which course to follow .Jack Ma raised that , ALibaba should be a longevity company , he proposed a goal for long and directional , he said this assortment of goal can do good on the development of his company . Because of this kind of goal derives a series Alibaba s related musical arrangement and culture . Of course , the reason why Jack can post horse the specific splendor of a concentrated target is When the company was put together , Jack use to attract plenty of enterprise s MBA to his company by b ig amount of funds , but 12 ranking(prenominal) manager except him was overseas staff , so the company did not run well because of their different management methods and goals.This guards him a lesson , so he knows that , staff who have dreams and willing to pay for the company is much founder that a staff just use to work in a big company , the latter are technical-oriented , they are not constant and have their fixed pattern , if they work together , they must imped all(prenominal) other . Alibaba needs staff who have dreams for their team , they working for Alibaba s dream , a long life company , in their introductory venture period they only use one month to winding their company from world ranking 8000 to 2000 .Now it become a world noted company , so we can know the greatness of the target . System of Values Jack Ma used to talk about the importance of culture to a company in his lecture , just like company s DNA , system of rules of values is the nuclear of organiz ational cultural . System of values is a judgment of the importance of things , the system of values of a organization is a decision agents of development . What is the important things to Alibaba , Jack Ma summed up as six pats customer first , integrity , dedication , change , come aboution and teamwork .Jack Ma put customers in the most important part , staffs should become customer service to their instinct . Jack knew that , nowadays concept is very indistinct , what the customers need are legitimacy service . The nuclear is made their product according to the market and harken to customers attentively . As a E-commerce platform , Alibaba use the world s genuine creation B2B system , after exchange their idea to customers , they found the main problem that over 87% company worry about is integrity , so Alibaba first deliver the goods Trustpass service .Jack Ma s opinion is proffer good service so that we can have more customers . After B2B system , Alibaba then create B2 C and C2C system and new trading platform like Zhifubao . Jack Ma considered that short edge passion is worthless , only lasting passion can make money . But what is lasting passion ? Now Alibaba is 0 eld old , the average age of their staff is 26 , Alibaba is still in childhood , after 10 years the company become 20 , their staffs are 36 years old , they are in tiptop of life and have boundless prospects .Jack leave more chance for the boyish people , cause they can last the passion of the company , Jack Ma s management method tell us we should give more chance to young people , they are the fresh cover for a company , they can always inject passion to their work and make good use of their competition . Mission Mission is a kind of identity , for line of products occupation is staff s delegating . Mission is the eternal power for staff . Jacks third management method is based on training staff s mission , make staff work for them wholeheartedly .Looking at the world-renowne d enterprises , their success is inseparable from the mission . As a E-commerce platform , Alibaba use the world s original creation B2B system . After B2B system , Alibaba then create B2C and C2C system and new trading platform like Zhifubao and Aliwangwang . Jack found a college for cultivate the business ability of college students . They to a fault provide training lessons for their own staff so that they can improve themselves . They departure from the fundamental , provide more chance for young businessman .Except for providing quality service , Alibaba besides undertake social responsibilities initiativly . Jack Ma treat his own business career as a public property. During the period of WeiChuan earthquake in 2008 , Alibaba donated 5000000 , after that they established a special fund of 25 zillion . Because of this kind of mission and dedication for clients and customers , made Alibaba become a genuine company . Teamwork In Jack s opinion , CEO subject matter customer , e mployee and owner . He also think that the biggest fortune for a entrepreneur is his employee , they are a team , a team provide chance for the hole companys success .One piece of log creates a small fire, adequate to warm you up, add just a few more pieces to blast an immense bonfire, large enough to warm up your built-in circle of friends needless to say that individuality counts, but team work dynamites. said Jack Ma . Businesses of today are largely bear on about their profits. They are taking each possible step to affix their turnover. The most important aspect that has a very substantial and lordly impact on any business is teamwork. Effective teamwork is very fundamental for a company to use employee potential to the fullest.Teamwork is not only used in the corporate world to action targets on time, but also in the world of sports. If a team works towards a goal collectively, no one can stop it from reaching its goal. Due to the importance of teamwork in business, empl oyers prefer to hire employees who are good team players . For become a good and efficient team player in your company, you are required to have a particular set of skills and capabilities said Jack Ma You most importantly should have a good auditory sense skill.This surely proves to be useful in listening to ideas, views, suggestions and conceptions of other employees or subordinates. You should be able to discuss the ideas and strategies suggested by your colleagues. Encourage the participation of every member in the team for a collective effort to achieve a goal. You also need to be able to share companionship and sympathy among the team members. A not to be missed skill is to give respect to others. If you want to be a good team player, you should learn to respect people and their ideas.These are just a few essentials that are required for becoming a good team member. wherefore is Teamwork Important in Business? Jack Ma Said on that point are several reasons Achieving Goal s It is a widely understood concept, that united we stand and divided we fall. Same is in the case of a team in a business. Collective team activities are very important if the company or a process wants to reach its goal. There are some tasks that cannot be done individually, but can be easily perfect(a) by working in a team. Increasing Individual LearningIn unreserved terms, a team is a group of people who have come together for achieving a common objective. Therefore, in a group of people, there are many intelligent minds and brains working. When team members work together as a team, they can learn the skills and capabilities of each other and advance their knowledge. This sure can be beneficial in your professional as well as personal life. Resolving Conflicts There are many types of conflicts that may arise in the company, which may in turn have an contrary effect on the collective output.In order to resolve business conflicts the knowledge, understanding and expertise can be used efficiently for determining solutions to the problems. This importantly helps the business to grow. Good Communication Communication is an inevitably important factor in teamwork. When employees work in a team, they are able to pass on their ideas clearly. This rules out the possibilities of miscommunication collectible to complex hierarchy in the company. And due to ideas and concepts passed clearly, there is no scope for misunderstanding.Generating New Business Improvement Ideas If a manager encourages team members to participate in collective decision making, he will be able to reach a good outline by considering views and suggestions from all members. The business can also think of incorporating ideas suggested by the team members. Employee participation in the management is a very effective tool in meliorating business strategies. Those in the team leadership should require team building activities for letting employees know each other better, and work in a team effe ctively.Conclusion Jack use his special management method create a new era for both him and his company . Alibaba now the world famous company bring us a lot of successful experience that worth to learn . A successful leader should know how to manage his company , good management method can bring us not only profit but also plenty of potential wealth . 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