Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Business Communications reflection Essay

Communication discount be seen as the most important p machination of our life because living without colloquy, we can non indicate our wants or understand the others demands, then there is no bewilderment at all. However, communication, particularly communicate, is non my strong point. That is the reason why I took logical argument Communications course. After decennary weeks studying this course, I realize that my speak skill consecrate improved a lot. Surprisingly, the remarkable improvement is not but in Vietnamese but as well as in position speaking skill. Before studying at university environment, I used to figure that there would be jobs that suitable for raft that atomic number 18 not vertical at communication like me. Therefore, I did not work fractious to improve that hindrance. I am afraid that what I say is stupid, then, sight willing laugh at me. I am also not sense of humour, so things I say usually are not interest. If I blab too much people will bind bored and then, they will get away from me. Especially, when some singleness that talks a lot to me, I will definitely feel dizzy, even headache. I afraid people are the same as me.I do not want to drive them crazy. That is why I prefer get word people talk to speak to them. When I started learning position, I hoped that champion day I could speak English as excellent as native people. However, although I can hear people speak English very(prenominal) well, I cannot speak fluently. When I practice by myself, I do not feel depressed because there is no one around me. Not being observed by anyone else helps I talk out loud what I think inside by nature and confidently. However, when I stand in front of people, I cannot open my mouth, and just grinning stupidly instead. I am scared of pronouncing wrongly and using monstrous words. If I want to say something, I have to spend while on remembering vocabularies and set words following correct grammars. It takes me retenti ve time, so I just say keywords. Of course, people cannot understand intelligibly want I want to convey. Things going that way make me stressed. I wonder why after eight age studying English, I still cannot speak as well as 4 years old American children. However, after four semesters being at RMIT university and ten weeks taking Business Communications course, I have learned much helpful things. From comparing between what active students have achieved and silent ones, I now have to state that no matter the position we are, communication is still play acrucial role and if we want to develop as well as promote, we must learn how to communicate nicely. Further more than, in the Business Communication course, though my teacher talk a lot, the socio-economic class are not bored, but are attracted. The reason is that what they said is very useful.Therefore, I now would claim that talking too much is not always annoying other people. It is just up to the topics chosen. Not only the t eacher but my classmates are also very professional. Although some of them are smaller than me, they communicate and present perfectly. One interesting thing I found out is that they always smile nicely when talking. Smiling helps they experience more helpmately and attractive. Comparison between their speech and my speech helps me I discover the reasons that prevent me from speaking fluently, particularly English. Firstly, I am so shy or in other words, I am escape of pledge. Although many people do not believe in Horoscope, I do. In Horoscope theory, people who are Virgo always pursuit perfectionism. I am a Virgo and that is why I am usually not genial with what I have done. For that reason, I am so inferiority complex. The back reason is that I have not practice speaking enough. flock can do one thing well only when they do it frequently. I usually stay at home and use the computing device as the main way to contact other people, instead of eccentric to face chatting. Th irdly, when speaking English, I always bear in judgment that I have to follow grammars. Each word must be in its correct order. As a result, it prevents me from speaking English naturally. The know reason is lacking of vocabulary. After discovering the reasons, I think I can improve that issue by doning the following things.I have to see to it being shy all the time. I need to think optimistically about myself. My English pronunciation is not very bad. I also have adequate knowledge to join in any discourse of friends. Additionally, I should not view conversations in a serious perspective. No one could skill me when a say something wrongly because no one can be right all the time. Thus, I just need to speak out loud, not only think in mind. Moreover, I will smile when I talk for the purpose of increasing confidence and comforting people joining the conversation. Additionally, I will learn more vocabularies, but word by word separately. In a website I read before, it is said tha t the best way help us speaking English fluently is learning whole sentences. I suppose this rule will help me skip time spend on arranging words to form sentences. Lastly, one of my classmates told me thatreading books about communication art would help me improve speaking skill. She recommended the book How to Win friends and Influence people written by Dale Carnegie.This book teaches readers how to have effective speeches. I have applied these solutions for several weeks and the result is quite surprising, at least for me. Now, with smiles and the olfactory sensation of being free to say anything, I see that my friends are more comfortable when chatting with me. I can also use English to dribble what I thought more clearly than before. I am very happy about that. I also read the book that my friend recommended, and I feel like Oh my gods, how shortage of knowledge I am. The book shows me lots of simple technique that I might apply immediately. In conclusion, the Business Commu nication has brought me lots of significant experience dowery I improve the most important part of life communication. The solutions I discovered seem to be very helpful for me. Hence, I will continue to uphold these useful methods. Imaging one day I can talk in front of many people confidently, naturally and effectively makes me excited and it also gives me more motivation to continue my improvement.

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