Sunday, February 24, 2019

Confirmation Letter Essay

The rationalness why i am seeking the rite of confirmation is because i have followed the catholic godliness all of my life and want to be part of the catholic trust for the rest of my life. i would like to raise my children and family as catholics. I call up in jesus christ and all the teachings of the bible. I have been baptized, ive had my first communion and its only natural that i would take the beside step to be sustain. im looking forward to being seen as an enceinte in the eyes of the catholic perform. I go forth attend church masses on a regular bases. Another reason why i want to be confirmed is because its one of the seven sacrements. Sacrements be signs of Gods life and love. Confirmation is the sign that gods holy tenderness will love you and always be with you.The sacrement of confirmation is the strength to be faithful to gods will, to be a strong and perfect catholic. Confirmation is a stage in catholic religion after Baptism, and is completed in the recept ion of the holy eucharist in communion. One last reason why i would like to get confirmed is to recieve the holy bosom and you become more responsible. When you recieve the holy spirit you are recieving God and it will help you make decisions and it will comfort you and strengthen you. Getting confirmed will also make you become more responsible because if you secernate you want to be confirmed then you are responsible for feeler to church each week, praying more and acting more like jesus.

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