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IT Project Management Assessment. UMCDF Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

IT Project Management Assessment. UMCDF - Essay Example In this similar concern, the recipient of the Project Management Institute’s Project of the year 2012 award named Umatilla Chemical Agent Disposal Facility (UMCDF) has been taken into concern. In order to analyze about how the project management team associated with UMCDF exhibited exceptional and ethical project management practices, it has been viewed that the team ensured the following of various ethical considerations for successfully completing its project. Moreover, the team also made sure that there exist a proper, regular and an efficient flow of communications, so that no chances of biasness arises amid the members. The issue concerning safety has also given prior importance by the project management team linked with UMCDF as the people involved in the work process are completely new. Specially mentioning, the team can also be viewed hiring skilled as well as productive personnel in order to train the workers for building a strong interrelation with every member assoc iated with the project (Kerzner, 2013; Peterson, 2012). Thus, on the basis of the above discussion, it can be affirmed that the project manager or team linked with UCADF exhibited exceptional along with ethical based project management related practices by a certain degree. ... 2. Discuss the Role of the Project Manager or Team, The Organizational Setting, And the Recipient’s Approach to Project Integration Management, And Obstacles That Had the Potential of Adversely Impacting the Triple Constraints. The role of the project manager or team associated with UMCDF has been discussed hereunder. Technical: In general, the technical skill of a project manager matters a lot during a project life cycle. The technical quality of the project management team associated with UMCDF might basically include the activities of adopting, executing as well as developing effective planning to complete the project within prescribed time period (Blair, 2002). Transactional: This skill of a project manager is generally associated with managing the project work flow and performance. It basically includes formation of the project base and the guidelines that needs to be followed during the execution phase (Blair, 2002). This particular role might facilitate the team of UMCD F to attain PMI Project of the Year Award. Transformational: It is generally considered to be those leadership skills that must remain present in a project manager or in a project management team. Relating to UMCDF, it can be affirmed that the team performed quite well in terms of maintaining proper communication and relation with the co-workers resulting in making the recipient of PMI Project of the Year Award (Blair, 2002). It is to be affirmed that organization settings play a decisive part in the context of project management. In reference to the case of UMCDF it can be apparently observed that the project i.e. UMCDF had a proper organizational setting which helped to attain the award. This can be

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