Wednesday, July 24, 2019

A Critical Review in the Contemporary Themes in Youth Work Practice, Essay

A Critical Review in the Contemporary Themes in Youth Work Practice, Thematic Area Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing - Essay Example The article argues that human beings and their humanity are as a result a result of both nature and nurture and thus none can be successful without the other. In this case nature is in reference to the genetic components that make up heir system while nurture is in reference to the various experiences that they go through while growing up at the various stages of their lives (Perry, 2002). The argument is that these two factors are essential in the development of a human being thus it ca n be said that both genes as well as experience are interdependent of one another. The understanding that I received from this article is that there is a need for both genetic development as well as experience for an individual to grow into a well rounded figure and a lack of any of these factors or a provision of negative ones will in turn deprive the person from forming into a well adjusted individual when they are in the adult stages of their lives (Perry, 2002). The article also explains that the earlier stages of an individuals lives (that is, from infancy to around their years as a toddler) are the more vital parts of an individuals life when the experiences that they undergo will have a vital effect on them and their psychological and emotional development (Perry, 2002). This is clearly seen in an example whereby a child who is not touched during their early stages as a baby is likely to suffer more and such an experience have an adverse effect as compared to a child who has reached puberty undergoing the same experience. This example also exhibits that dif ferent experiences are vital during different stages of one’s life and do not really play a large role after that stage in life has already been passed. The article has also argued that the neurodevelopment of an individual is highly influenced not only by the genetic transformations that take place,

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