Sunday, July 28, 2019

E-business and E-commerce Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

E-business and E-commerce - Essay Example E-business is also a very cost-effective way of marketing businesses. Aside from that, it lowers the costs incurred during business transactions. It also allows businesses to maintain their pace with that of rivals (Shaw 2003). Under One Roof Inc., founded in the year 2012, is one among the many e-businesses. It is a one-stop online retailer for clothing and electronics. There is a wide selection of commodities ranging from electronics, apparel, shoes, home accessories among others all delivered to the client’s doorstep. The client has a complete variety of brands of goods to choose from, all a hundred per cent convenient. Under One Roof enables clients to gain 24/7 access to its services from anywhere they may be. Payment is secured and is carried out through online banking, mobile payment or cash upon delivery. Customer care services are exceptional with quick fast next-day deliveries. The e-business even permits returns after seven days. These are just some among the multiple advantages of Under One Roof Inc. Besides all this, the business frequently updates its products since its variety is ever expanding. The e-business is a member of Africa Internet Holding. The main objective of this group is to back the development of Africa’s internet culture. Three of the eight projects already established are based in Canada, Under One Roof being one of them. The main competitor of Under One Roof is is a worldwide online marketplace. It enables trade locally, nationally and internationally. It has been a global auction leader for many years. Its clientele comprises of buyers as well as sellers. The company utilizes the relationship they have with their clients to a maximum. The business to consumer connexion is whereby the consumers provide information to the company. The interconsumer relationship system is whereby consumers give information to sellers and the

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