Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Sheltering the Deep Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Sheltering the Deep - Assignment Example Jessen emphasizes the need to protect depleting marine ecosystems from pollution and other human interventions. She underscores the need to find new ways to protect these marine environments, and bats for the concept of marine protected areas, that have been successful in other parts of the world. Although she concedes that marine protected areas are not the solution to all the problems; she encourages the reader to take a fresh look at the various species that exist in an ecosystem, and consider the symbiotic relationship they share. Her efforts are directed towards awakening the reader to the rich cultural heritage of the region that preserves early forms of life on earth as well as some unique plant life, and the need to protect it before it is too late. The author’s diction conveys her love of the treasures in the deep. Her choice of words like â€Å"adorn the underwater cliffs† (185) to describe the underwater plants and animals conveys the fact that she considers these jewels of the sea. Jessen conjures up striking word pictures of the beauty of nature’s bounty. Her use of metaphors like â€Å"perched off the southern tip of Vancouver Island† (185) conjures up a picture of a bird, ready to fly away at the merest hint of danger. Jessen’s extensive use of alliteration to describe nature’s beauty gives an almost poetic quality to the piece. When the author describes â€Å"other marine mammals† that â€Å"frequent the waters foraging† (185); or her portrayal of â€Å"soaring walls and spectacular scenery† (187) of the fiords of Baffin, enhances the aesthetic appeal of the essay. Her use of euphony as in â€Å"speckled trout spawn in the shallow bays†, (186) gives a harmonious mellowness to the piece that is both pleasing to the ear as well as conveying the harmonious nature of an ecosystem. Jessen’s use of denotation when she describes the fate of ancient mariners pitted against the â€Å"treacherous waters and well known fury of Lake

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