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International Business Dissertation Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

International Business - Dissertation Example This move has taken on new roles and forms in recent decades and has now come to feature in other sectors such as global politics. The conception and growth of large economic powerhouses such as Brazil, China, India and Far East Asia have come to dominate nearly all aspects of global interaction. In this sense, it can be said that international business has a large part to play in the development and growth of these economic powerhouses since they provide a number of goods and services required for economic development. The case of China is particularly mystifying since the Chinese models of doing business are far removed from how international businesses operate (Joshi, 2009). Even though significant differences are present, international businesses have still managed to penetrate and flourish in the Chinese economy. Research Objectives China has boasted around a 10% growth rate of the GDP for more than a decade which signifies tremendous economic development (Creedy et al., 2006). However, it needs to be seen how international businesses adopted to Chinese market regulations and business structures including the manipulation of the human resources structure. Chinese businesses have traditionally been based on the paternal structure with considerable official influences (Starr, 2001). This is altogether removed from the manner in which business is conducted internationally. Larger businesses that have the skills and capacity to wander into new territories for business development tend to utilise representative and dynamic methods for human resource management. The Chinese human resources management model is centred on a central figure whose instructions are unchallenged. Furthermore, the Chinese conception of business has a large amount of state interference and control being exerted. However, international business tend to operate independently from state control (Sato, 2006). These and several other significant differences require further investigation to el ucidate how international businesses adopted to the Chinese markets. SMART Objectives Specific: assessing the extent and impact of grey markets and illegal flights on business aviation in the Middle East Measureable: quantifying the entry of international businesses as per time in the Chinese markets to discern if entry is increasing or receding Attainable: research materials on the Chinese economy are abundant but would require meticulous screening to achieve the objectives Relevant: international business are expanding vehemently in international markets so factors required for expansion need to be looked into in detail Timed: the proposed research will constrain itself to the post 1990 period in order to deliver on time Research Questions What are the characteristics of Chinese businesses and economy that differentiate them from the truly open markets where international businesses are used to operating? How have international businesses adopted (through replacement, modification or addition to existing practices) to the Chinese economic models of doing business? Do these changes represent unique cultural values or are these findings applicable to other fast growing economies? Methodology The research will be split into primary and secondary research areas. The secondary research will be carried out through a review of the relevant literature while the primary research will focus on acquiring information from international businesses in China. The secondary re

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