Sunday, February 9, 2020

Marketing Strategy of Apple Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Marketing Strategy of Apple - Essay Example The main objective of this research is to recognize the marketing strategy of Apple from the customer’s point of view. Therefore, the questionnaire design and data analysis in this study are focused on the elements of the marketing mix. In this research, descriptive studies will be used. Descriptive research is a research based on a set of methods and procedures which are used to describe variables, such as consumers’ attitudes, intentions and behaviors. Descriptive studies are mostly used in survey based researches, in which respondents are requested to fill survey questionnaires (Burns and Bush, 2006). There are several benefits of using descriptive research. Firstly, it could provide data for comparative analysis of competitive products. Secondly, new product performance can be evaluated through such a research. Lastly, it can develop profiles of types of customers and their preferences, which can greatly help the company. Questions about products, distribution, and marketing strategies will be asked in the research. The purpose of this design is to make this kind of research productive (Chisnall, 2005). The reason for using this type of research design is that it perfectly matches to the objective of thi s research, which is to evaluate the effect of marketing strategies on product performance from the customer’s point of view. The research design and data analysis will be divided into several steps. First of all, secondary data will be scanned in order to find what existing literature has to say about the topic. Secondary data is data previously gathered by someone other than the researcher for some purpose other than the research project on hand (Burns and Bush, 2006). In this research, most of the secondary data will be accessed through the internet, which is a form of online research. Secondary data can be divided into two forms: internal and external. The word â€Å"internal data† refers to the data collected within the

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