Monday, November 18, 2019

Marketing Communications Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3250 words

Marketing Communications - Essay Example Usually, target markets are set based on their â€Å"geographic location, their demographic and psychographic characteristics† (Koekemoer, 2004, p.1). Previously, different aspects of marketing communication like selling activities, direct marketing, sales promotion, Internet advertising etc were handled by experts of the respective fields. This generated lack of coordination and frequent inconsistency resulting in reaching target below the optimum level. Today, integrated marketing communication (IMC) is emerging where all kinds of communication and messages are properly coordinated with each other. Basically, IMC is proper integration of all communication tools to make them perform in harmony. Understanding consumer behavior is the primary objective of all marketers. Demand is created when consumers recognize need of a product and change of demand occurs when opportunities change. For instance, a person may prefer superior brands after a job promotion. After recognizing a brand, a consumer then looks for alternatives which may always be price based. For instance, a consumer may prefer quality over price. Consumers of products and services, and business customers all over the world are becoming increasingly accessible (Rosenbaum-Elliot et al., 2011, pp.6-8). Today, the management system is moving from tier system with managers becoming independent and without supporting services. This means managers today need to have full knowledge of marketing which is an ever changing process. The focus of marketing has shifted from acquiring new customers or retaining customers for life to selecting the right kind of customers. The emphasis is on discarding unprofitable customers while at the same time attracting and retaining the more profitable customers. There are many customers who do not remain loyal to any specific brand as they shift to other brands as soon

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