Wednesday, June 12, 2019

The constructivism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

The constructivism - Essay ExampleThe constructivist theory is student centered not teaching centered. The instructor allows the students to make use of their intimacy and helps them in winding of their knowledge. Unlike traditional theories of learning that define a instructor as an informer or deliverer of knowledge, in construction theory, teacher is only the guide. The students argon not receivers of knowledge they conceive their previously attained knowledge and employ it in constructing new knowledge. Teachers help the students in collaborative construction of knowledge by social negotiation and reflective practice. This means that the students learn in a collaborative environment in which, he is not totally to learn but he has many more learners with him, a whole class. This can be understood by the example given at the starting line of the chapter in which, the students atomic number 18 involved in constructing an elaborate city bus. The students did not allow Tommy to enter the bus because of his adopted role as an animal. Later on, the teacher negotiates to the students about why should animals not allowed in bus and they reflect according to their own received experiences. The students learn by collaborative construction of knowledge and they are facilitated by the teacher in terms of their learning. The teacher negotiates about their conceptions and understanding and allows them to reflect on the situation. They practice what they see and by their teachers help, they are able to construct knowledge that was generalized previously.

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